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Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony


Mordicai James Knode


Jennifer Lea Kanode


May 25, 2008

The Montauk Club

Brooklyn, New York


Officiated by the Rev. Shirley A. Kanode


Gathering Words


Jennifer and Mordicai met almost 10 years ago and have been together for a long time. 

They have learned that they can depend on each other and the comfort of their bond to go forward into the world with confidence.

Through their union in marriage this day, they are declaring to each other and to this gathering of their families and friends that they will be by each other’s side, no matter what life brings their way.





This is a tale that has been significant to Jenny since she was in preschool that has also become part of Jennifer and Mordicai’s story.


The Green Ribbon


by Alvin Schwartz


"Once there was a girl named Jenny.  She was like all the other girls, except for one thing.  She always wore a green ribbon around her neck. There was a boy named Alfred in her class.  Alfred liked Jenny, and Jenny liked Alfred.  One day he asked her, "why do you wear that ribbon all the time?" "I cannot tell you," said Jenny.  But Alfred kept asking, "Why do you wear it?" And Jenny would say, "It is not important." Jenny and Alfred grew up and fell in love.  One day they got married.  After their wedding, Alfred said, "Now that we're married, you must tell me about the green ribbon." "You still must wait," said Jenny.  I will tell you when the right time comes."  Years passed.  Alfred and Jenny grew old.  One day Jenny became very sick.  The doctor told her she was dying.  Jenny called Alfred to her side.  "Alfred," she said, "now I can tell you about the green ribbon. Untie it, and you will see why I could not tell you before." Slowly and carefully, Alfred untied the ribbon, and Jenny's head fell off."




Mordicai, Will you be Jenny’s Alfred?

(Remove green ribbon from her neck and tie around flowers.)


Judy, Will you please read the poem by E.B. White chosen by Jennifer and Mordicai to share with their friends?


The Spider's Web


The spider, dropping down from twig,

Unfolds a plan of her devising,

A thin premeditated rig

To use in rising.


And all that journey down through space,

In cool descent and loyal hearted,

She spins a ladder to the place

From where she started.


Thus I, gone forth as spiders do

In spider's web a truth discerning,

Attach one silken thread to you

For my returning.


Declaration of Support


Jennifer and Mordicai,

Today we have come together to celebrate the love you have found with each other.

By being here with you, each of us is declaring our support for your decision to join together in marriage.

(To guests)

As family and friends, you form the community of support that surrounds Jennifer and Mordicai.  Each of you, by your presence here today, is being called upon to uphold them in honoring and loving each other.

Always stand beside them, never between them.

Offer them your love and support, not your judgment.

Encourage them with your kindness and loving hearts and honor this marriage into which they have come to be joined today.


Marriage Address


This life you have chosen to share is your story. 

Make it beautiful.  Make it interesting.

Fill it up with what you love.

I know that neither of you relish sentimentality.  So what can I tell you about why marriage is important?

Because life is tough and throws bad things at you, as you already know. 

Life can be lonely and scary.

It is just easier when you have someone to go through it with you, to be your safe haven.


To quote one of your favorite songs:


"It was the sad story

How we became

Lonely two-legged creatures,

It's the story of

The origin of love."


It is also more fun to have someone to celebrate the wonderful times with—buying your first home, holding your child for the first time, exploring the world.

You are both strong individuals.  But recognize that you are also both vulnerable.  Teach the other how to love you and care for you. 

Let your hearts be truly safe with each other.


Wedding Vows



  I always wanted to be in love.  I didn’t expect to be—my philosophy ranges from solipsism at best to nihilism at worst, but is more often in a middle world, populated by terrible angels, & confusion, & shadows.

  You found me in the labyrinth.  You fixed me when I was broken—in fact, you broke me into a million pieces, put me back together again, & I was the better for it.  You demanded a place in my mythology, & my personal pantheon demanded you be in it as well.  You are greater than the sum of your parts, & the  sum of your parts is priceless.  You are my conscience.  I need you & I love you.

  When I wake up, I wake up next to you.  & that is what getting married is.  Waking up.  Next to you.  You don’t complete a missing piece of me; you are a new part of something else.  Of us.  You & me is the start of we.  & that will be an awfully big adventure.



  Before I even met you, I thought I knew who you were and what to expect. But like most people, I underestimated you. Because while it’s true that you’re an evil genius and a huge geek, you’re also secretly fun and sweet and thoughtful. And now we’ve both transformed so that you’re the only person I can imagine standing up here with, the only person I’d want to watch television with, and the only person who would tuck me into bed every night.

  Face, I love you for loving me even when I’m being a fussy brat, but I love you even more for the times when you can tell I’m being a bigger person than comes naturally to me. I love the way you look at me when you get home from work, and the way you give me the time I need to myself before wanting my attention.

  I love you for fighting for us, and never giving up on this. I love you for fighting for me and protecting me when the world has gotten to scary.

  You accept me, but you push me.  And I will solemnly swear, make blood oaths and promise to keep doing the same for you.

  Because together we’re unstoppable, and I think this is gonna be awesome.


Ring Exchange



Do you take Jennifer to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish from this day forward?

(I do.)


Do you take Mordicai to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish from this day forward?

(I do.)


Final Blessing


Now that you, Jennifer and Mordicai, have joined yourselves to each other by solemn vows and by the giving and receiving of rings, I do now, by the virtue of the authority vested in me, pronounce you husband and wife.

You may now kiss, for the first time, as husband and wife.

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