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  (The registry is password protected, so the world can't see all of our addresses.  It's the same password as for this site, if you don't remember, you can ask.  At the top of the page where it lists our home address, if you hover over "++Additional Information" it lists our work addresses where it's better to send most things, read below for details.)


You can search by "Jennifer Kanode" or "Mordicai Burke."  Things that might reasonably be carried home on the subway are better off delivered to James or I at work (don't forget that he's very very strong and once offered to carry a full-sized bookcase on the subway), especially UPS packages.  If possible, nothing should ever be shipped FedEx or DHL to our apartment.  The Postal Service is best for heavier items, since that's easy for us to get to to pick them up. 


Package delivery in New York is a pain if you don't have a doorman.


A lot of places don't give you options for shipping and if not, it's fine, we'll figure it out.


And if you want to be my best friend forever, you'll find us a wine rack that is well-designed (no wrought iron, please) and will fit into a bookshelf.  Or you could always make us this one.  Something like any of these.  STOP! DALLAS AND JEFF ARE ORDERING THE WINE RACK.  WE'RE NOT SUCKING UP TO BE THE BEST FRIEND FOREVER, BUT WHO'S GOING TO BELIEVE US?! 


Some of the stores we're picking stuff from:

Crate and Barrel


MOMA Store






Stuff for me to remember to look for (ikea trip):

hamper (maybe 2 of the antonius)


full-length mirror

vases and candles for wedding plus jar for small cranes

black Billy bookshelves

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