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Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 11 months ago


The day we met, Thanksgiving 1998.  Also pictured are Theresa and Jeff.  Photo

by Mark.


Our first Christmas together, in my college dorm room.  I failed pretty miserably

on the presents front, but we were both pretty broke, and James forgets that

I was the one who bought him the sweater he liked so much.



Central Park with Mark and Carla, taken by Ryan. 



Saying goodbye in front of my dorm, both of us with dyed black hair because this

might be before I realized my natural hair color had darkened without me noticing.




In front of Grace Church.  Taken by my Mom. 



Drinking Bailey's and coffee at Carla's Astoria apartment.  We were celebrating

her mom's birthday.


And hey, look!  It's a few years later and we're talking again.  Taken by Reigh

at the Subway Inn.



Taken by Danielle, I think, the night we all met her and Kerry for

the first time.  Taken after leaving the Subway Inn, another night.

The night we discovered that while the Subway Inn is charmingly

the diveyist bar ever during the day, at night it gets filled up with




Pretty sure Alyssa took this one, taken at some rich guy's SoHo

loft.  Also, the night I first met David and Christopher.



SUCH a flattering picture.  Internet friends reunite!



Disneyland is fun, and James is tall.  What are his Mom and I looking

at?  Not him, and not really each other.



Seriously, Disneyland is fun you guys.



Having sushi on the Upper East Side.  I think this is the night of the never

ending saki bottle.


Blizzard in Brooklyn.  Out to buy champagne to celebrate.



Two awesome things are going on in this picture: a ChatBack night, and asian pub.



Another chatback night, where I got incredibly mad at James for saying he spent $10

on a stupid helmet just for the fun of it, when really it was Andrew's $200 motorcycle

helmet.  Eventually they let me in on why they'd all spent the last few hours laughing

at me.



Christmas 2006, at David's house.  James is on Team Paris.




Do you like sketch comedy?  We do.  We spent a recent Friday night having

some"good, old-fashioned fun" after Human Giant got the idea stuck in our heads.



And because I am unromantic and not much of a good consumer, I don't like

Valentine's day.  This year, we found a perfect compromise and went to the new Hibachi

place that opened up near us.  Fun. Yet totally unromantic.  Perfect.  We took

Katja there a few weeks later.  She took this picture and copyprotected it on flickr. 

I stole it anyway, I didn't even care.



Photos from the engagement party are here.


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