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The Wastelands. Once upon a time, Cleaveland & its outliers vied for dominance as a hub of industry.  When the fires in the furnaces of Babylon ceased to burn, the Quick departed the factories & great machines, & the Ghosts moved into their ruins.  Now the last bastions of civilization dwell amidst crumbling skeletons of robots, the science-castles of mad scientists, & rusty gates to Yomi.  Beyond them lie the cotton-candy coloured suburbs, where the damnned glide in & out of polite society, cul-de-sacs surrounded by moats of toxic run-off.  All this, perched on the Eerie lake, whose waters feed the river Phelegethon, & whose waters are teeming with serpents.


To be raised in the Wastelands, as mordicai was, is to court decay, to take nihilism as your prom date.  It is the proverbial abyss that stares back at you.  Here, amidst the crashed saucers of Roswell, amidst heavens crowded with zeppelins, you can see skies in which the fireflies blend together with the stars as dancing motes.  The black scars of science & industry, connected together by gleaming highways are walled off, protected from the hoary woods where Hopewell mounds stare down with ancient malice.  Wolves stalk deer across Wal-mart parking lots & park trails lead across fallen logs to the tombs of dark knights honored by the castles of their squires.  The vampires of Kirtland go to war with the black friars of Pain'sville.  Melonheads rule abandoned asylums where they had been left to rot.  Witches go to satanic churches that stand next to the very rock where the angel Moroni spoke to John Doe.  Blizzards sweep through fast enough to bury moving cars, with winds to flay flesh from bone.


Elliot Ness fought the very first serial killer in America here.  & lost.


The state fossil is the trilobite!

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