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Jenny, coltish queen of libraries, one-woman waterfall of beautiful girls, bane of mimosas everywhere.  She might not have sprung full grown from her father's head, but in all else Jenny has Pallas Athena beaten.  Her growing up was as scattered across America along the path of Johnny Appleseed, drifting south of the Oregon Trail, along the roads left by long-forgotten Viking explorers, but she finally set down roots in the desert, in the city of OidbaŠłć where her mother was a condesa.  She was tutored by a Fransiscan friar, Fra. Marcos of Nice, & grew tall & brown under the sun.  When she came of age, she went to Babylon to study The Leviathan (though a chance encounter with an alchemist soon led to her descent into cloisters & grimoires).  It was there that our tale unfolds, for soon Mordicai decended upon the city, their clash to mark them both forever more.



Jenny as She-Ra, about 5. 

Yea, she can handle James.--Jenny's Mom





Jenny, age seven demonstrating her karate lessons. 

She already knew how to kick butt.--Jenny's Mom



Jenny at that awkward age--Jenny's Mom



Jenny, age 2 and friend.  She is a

country girl at heart.--Jenny's Mom



Jenny was such a happy baby.--Mom



Jenny and Mom, Tyler Park, Bucks Co., PA



 Jenny and her dad, Irv Kanode.  Jenny was good

with computers at an early age.  That is

a TRS-80 with about 16 K of memory.



Jenny is telling her Mom about the cool new toy.



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at 1:45 pm on May 10, 2007

M's right, more article stuff needs to be written here, and "See also" needs to be removed and incorporated in the body of the text. But for the time being it's a good placeholder.

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