How we Met

Born and raised in Arizona, Jenny moved to New York in 1998 to go to NYU.  She moved into an apartment-style dorm room with 3 strangers, Leigh, Aviva and Kara.


Leigh came from a town called Mentor, Ohio.  So did her friend Mark, who drew this picture.  He went to SVA and lived just down the street.  Another friend from Mentor who came around a lot was Carla, who went to acting school and lived in a funny home for girls.  That first Thanksgiving, Leigh was having a bunch of her friends from Ohio come to New York and we were going to cook a big dinner.  Leigh warned Jenny that one of her friends, "Jim," was not to even be talked to.  He was bad news and probably wouldn't want to talk to her anyway since their other friend Theresa was going to be around.  Jim did talk to Jenny, but later pretended it was because him and Michael Roberts had a bet going about who could better seduce Jenny.  Michael won:



Jenny maintains that they were both underestimating her and not giving her credit for figuring out that they were both gigantic assholes and what their game was.  But for some reason, Jim and Jenny stayed in touch and a few months later decided that dating long distance was a good idea.  It took a few more years for anyone else to agree with them.


That's Jenny's version of the romantic story of how they met and started dating.