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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

Why "Love, ending in commas?"

Because the first few years of our relationship were spent long distance.  That meant lots of emails.  Which meant lots of letters ending with: "love, jenny" and "love, m."  Love, with a comma.


Why get married now, what changed?

It's complicated.  But I was always careful to say that while I didn't imagine I would want to get married, I reserved the right to change my mind.  Mostly, it's a newfound openness to compromise.  We'll see if it sticks.


How did you meet?

Long Story.  It wasn't always a straight path, but here we are.


How does a wiki work?  Am I allowed to change stuff?

Here's a short intro.  And wikipedia says this.  But yes, please feel free to add and change anything.  A lot of the content that's already here hasn't been added by either Jenny or James.


Where will the wedding be held?

The Montauk Club in Brooklyn. 



Sunday May 252008.


What time?

7pm-11pm.  You will be wined and dined.


What if I have to work the next day?

Then you should get a new job that gives you holidays off.  It's Memorial Day.  Ask now.  Twelve months notice should be enough for most employers.


Are you registered?

Yes, we're registered at MyRegistry.  It allows us to pick stuff from all over the place and list it all together.  Which works perfectly since our style is a little all over the place.  You can look us up by either "Jennifer Kanode" or "Mordicai Burke."


Who's officiating?

The Rev. Shirley Kanode.


Who will the bridesmaids/groomsmen be?

We aren't having any.  The wedding is already going to be so small that it seems strange to single anyone out.  Jenny is planning to rely heavily on locals Kira and Carla for help with planning.  They're both really good at a bunch of stuff that neither of us are good at.


Will anyone be changing their last name?

Jenny likes her last name just fine.  James is willing to change, and sort of wants to pick a new, communal last name.  Jenny likes her last name just fine.  As of April 1 (and no, it's not a joke) James has legally become Mordicai James Knode.  So while Jenny gets to keep her last name, we also have a new and communal last name.  All at the same time. 


Mordicai?  Really?

Yes really.  Cope with it.  


Will you put me up for the wedding?



Can I help?

Of course.  Whether you get assigned to light candles on the day of the wedding, or if you have a special skill you'd like to offer as a gift, we'd love help.  It's going to be a small and rather informal wedding, and we want it to be a reflection of not only us but also our friends and family.


How come some of your friends and family get their own page and others don't?

Because someone made them a page.  It doesn't mean we love them more, I promise.  As this things grows, more people will be included.  Why not add yourself?


Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We've been told we'll spend the night after the wedding in a fancy hotel.  Other than that, we have no plans at this time.


If my question has not been answered here, what should I do?

Post it.  We'll answer it.


I want to get you something special or exciting that's not on the registry.  What would you like?

Honestly, we want what's on the registry.  Or rather, Mordicai would like more swords and Jenny wants what is on the registry.  If you have something else in mind and you think we'd appreciate it, we'll be thrilled with surprises, too.  Just take into consideration that our apartment is teeny tiny and we don't have much space left for nonessentials after cramming in a few thousand books.


What else is going on the week of the wedding?

Friday night will be our bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Saturday night will be a picnic in Prospect Park.  Sunday night is the wedding.  There's also a whole page devoted to this stuff.


What's happening after the wedding?

The reception is over at 11 and after that we'll all head over to a nearby bar, Loki Lounge.  Anyone we've ever met is invited.


I usually eat dinner earlier than 8/don't go out to bars at 11 on a Sunday.  What about me?

Don't forget, there's a time change.  So our 8 o'clock might be your five or six.  Perfect!


I'm flying in, what do I do after I land and how do I get back to the airport when I want to leave?

Both JFK and La Guardia are pretty much equally convenient.  It's a cheaper cab ride from La Guardia but the mass transit from JFK (taking the AirTrain to the subway) is a lot easier.  If you want a specific walk through from either of us, call and we'll try to help.  When you're ready to go home and want to take a cab to the airport, the best option is to call a car service the day before and let them know what time you want to be picked up.  From Park Slope, I like to use Castle: 718-499-9333 or Arecibo: 718-783-6465.  When you call they can tell you how much it will cost.  Don't forget to tip 20%.  Also, a lot of cabs these days accept credit cards, though I wouldn't count on it.


I got an invite to the engagement party and it makes it seem like I won't be invited to the wedding.  Am I?

The guest list isn't finalized, but STD cards (ha!) will be going out soonish.  BUT, getting invited to one does not mean exclusion from the other.  It just means we like a lot more people than we can fit or afford at the actual ceremony and would like to celebrate our happiness with everyone.


I have another wedding the weekend of your engagement party.  Do you hate me?



I live in another state and didn't get an invite to the engagement party.  What gives?

We didn't think to invite out-of-towners.  If you want to come, let us know.


I do want to come.  Can I sleep on your futon?

Good news, we got rid of the futon.  Now we have a couch.  And a vague notion of buying an air mattress.  If you give us enough notice, and you're the first to ask, we'll put you up.


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what, you're against compromise now?

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