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engagement party

Page history last edited by mordicai@... 9 years, 4 months ago

Hard to believe the engagement party was just one week ago!  Here're some of the many photos.  Not satisfied?  There are more on flickr.  For right now, because I'm lazy, I'm just going to post the pictures and worry about captions later.  Or, if you were there and you have something to say, please add your own.  Also, I realize that some of the pictures I've posted of myself are not what most people would call flattering, but they crack me up.





This is where we all ran into trouble.




Hot curlers!





































Seriously, it's happening.  May 27, 5-8pm at Nurse Bettie.  Be there or have four equal sides and four right angles.


Everything about this invitation overrides whatever you may have received in your email inbox.  By which, I mean, the date I screwed up.


Are you coming?  Leave a commment and let us know.  & send Carla your money and RSVP.







Comments (16)

Anonymous said

at 9:18 pm on May 4, 2007

Go ahead and ask how good that cake tastes. Like salty bread and buttah.

Anonymous said

at 4:59 pm on May 5, 2007

You're damn right! She told me it was cake, but she lied, it was bread. Maybe that should be your wedding cake :)

Anonymous said

at 8:16 pm on May 5, 2007

grossest "cake" ever. & i pretty much hate cake.

Anonymous said

at 7:21 pm on May 6, 2007

Next time I'll get some fruit tarts or bean curd pastries or something.

Anonymous said

at 11:41 am on May 7, 2007

Now you're just taking this too far! -Carr

Anonymous said

at 12:42 pm on May 7, 2007

Too far, or far enough!?

Anonymous said

at 1:56 pm on May 7, 2007

Too far is clearly never far enough.

Anonymous said

at 1:57 pm on May 7, 2007

That depends on what you're talking about...did you ever see the musical, "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" There's a great song in it called "How far is too far?"

Anonymous said

at 3:40 pm on May 7, 2007

Well, if Carla comes this wednesday, we can try some stuff out!

Anonymous said

at 5:29 pm on May 12, 2007

Peter said he mailed checks this morning; David says we're going to march Dante & Christopher over to the check cashing place on Wednesday to get them money orders.

Anonymous said

at 7:13 pm on May 12, 2007


Anonymous said

at 12:21 pm on May 17, 2007

Dante, Christopher, David, & James; check. Also, like you said, Steph & Ivy. Just for the sake of record keeping I am recording it here.

Anonymous said

at 1:45 pm on May 17, 2007

And Maggie and Peter too (and Alicia I assume?)

Anonymous said

at 3:39 pm on Jun 6, 2007

Hey, where's that first picture of Carla from? I mean, whose camera? I don't remember seeing it before.

Anonymous said

at 4:12 pm on Jun 6, 2007

It was on mine, from before anyone else got there.

Anonymous said

at 11:09 am on Jun 18, 2007

Lets not forget to immortalize that Jenny called Carla "Kira" in her thank you speech!

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