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Calendar of Events

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Thursday night:  Dinner with my parents and Mordicai's Mom and Sister


Friday night: Bridal Shower followed immediately by Bachelorette Party

     Carla, with help from my Mom, is taking care of this.  Any questions, ask them.  The general outline as I understand it is that we'll be getting manicures and pedicures at a Salon with drinks and appetizers (the shower part of the night, invite-only) followed by a night out on the town.


     Bachelor party?  The original plan was Laser Tag then D&D but maybe Lazer Park is closed forever?  Still under construction.


Saturday: 4pm, Picnic/Potluck in Prospect Park

     I think we've decided the theme will be comfort food.  If you're staying in a hotel room/going crazy helping me plan the wedding and aren't able to bring anything, we know.  But if you have something you want to bring or know that Mordicai and I have always gone crazy for, this is the perfect time.  We will probably be sitting on blankets on the ground, so wear comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket if you can.  Alcohol isn't really allowed in the park, but we'll probably sneak some stuff in.  Since we're a big group, beer bottles probably aren't a good idea, but we might make some "punch."


Sunday: 7pm, the Montauk Club. 

     Or be square.  And then at 11:30ish let's all meet back up at a neighborhood bar, Loki.  Everyone in the world is invited to this.  It's within walking distance of the Montauk Club but if people are in heels or are tired, you might want to hire a car to drive you the few blocks.  I'll have phone numbers available at the wedding.



Call me for more improptu hanging out the week of, I will definitely try to be around and available, even if people just want to show up at my apartment and hang out.  We'll be going to IKEA on Wednesday or Thursday so you can help us put furniture together.

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