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 Tuesday, July 29, 4:00 pm.

Things that make me happy:


This 1908 postcard of the Montauk Club that Maggie gave me for my birthday.


This Cape Fear house we're renting for a month in September for our honeymoon.




 Saturday, July 19, 10:10 am.

Sussed out why the traffic to this page went through the roof this month.  News of our use of DnD miniatures made it onto the Wizards of the Coast July Preview newsletter.  Figured it was something like that, but the referral info was obscured.  




Wednesday, July 9, 10:36 pm.

Finally finished up the wedding book, sans all the photos I would have wanted, but them's the breaks.  I'm trying not to be annoyed, but c'mon!  I'm printing it for myself softcover right now, so I won't be annoyed when people look through it and aren't as careful as I'd like. 


You can see the first part of the book, even though some of the formatting it shows has been discarded because it's showing you the dust cover version.






Saturday, June 14th, 11:14 am.

I'm willing to bet no one besides me does PMOG, the Passive Multiplayer Online Game.  You get "xp" for exploring the web; you just download a firefox plug in & it keeps track of your cookies for you.  Fun.  Anyhow, you can leave mines, treasure chests, & other goodies for other players, as well as take missions or create them.  The other day I created a Wedding Mission.  There you go.





Tuesday, June 10, 10:05 am.


The Offbeat Bride had a post today called "Let your guests build your bouquet" and guess who inspired it?  Though credit for the seed of the idea goes to The Wedding Ceremony Planner by Judith Johnson, the foundation of everything in the ceremony.  My brief review after reading it was this:


"I really liked this book, recommended to me by my officiant: my Mom.  A lot of our ceremony will be based on its samples and recommendations.  What I liked about it is that it didn't assume non-religious meant pagan or hippy-dippy.  So much stuff out there is for people who want non-denominational but still spiritual weddings.  I don't want either.  I want meaning, without over-the-top sentimentality or references to forces beyond and above me that I don't believe in.  And I think we're going to be able to manage it.  The author's a minister, and so there is tons of spiritual stuff, but it's all sort of mix and match and her advice is good.  She seems like a pretty cool lady and a really good officiant."


I think we accomplished that!  Thanks Mom!





 Originally posted by Mordicai on June 5, 1:47pm under the title "some pictures from the montauk club."


this is the stained glass that was behind us.



there are many paintings & such, of old guys.  well alright!



some detail of the scrollwork on the balcony.



the balcony itself.



all the grotesques & such have individual expressions.



the bar (often visited).




 Originally posted by Mordicai on June 4, 4:13pm under the title "the ceremony."



eventually doing this in bite sized chunks had to lead to talking about the ceremony itself, & now that we have matt's photos, we've reached that point.  jenny's watchwords for me were "emotionally present," which is impossible for me, so i decided to interpret that as "say true things."  since it made everyone cry, i don't think you can say i didn't do a good job.  from what i've seen on television sitcoms that makes it a successful wedding.


for the record, here is a transcript of the ceremony.




once the difficulties with jenny's dress were sorted out & the cocktail hour had concluded, the ceremony itself began to get underway.  due to the aforementioned difficulties with the dress, we hadn't had a chance to block the ceremony, or rehearse it, so it was time to improvise!  it began with jenny & myself walking down a gauntlet of the guests, with them all handing her flowers.




jenny's mother officiated the ceremony, & here is a picture of us while it was going on.  note the green ribbon.  at one point, jenny's father read from scary stories to tell in the dark: (Jenny says, it was actually In a Dark, Dark Room)


"The Green Ribbon"by Alvin Schwartz

"Once there was a girl named Jenny.  She was like all the other girls, except for one thing.  She always wore a green ribbon around her neck. There was a boy named Alfred in her class.  Alfred liked Jenny, and Jenny liked Alfred.  One day he asked her, "why do you wear that ribbon all the time?" "I cannot tell you," said Jenny.  But Alfred kept asking, "Why do you wear it?" And Jenny would say, "It is not important." Jenny and Alfred grew up and fell in love.  One day they got married.  After their wedding, Alfred said, "Now that we're married, you must tell me about the green ribbon." "You still must wait," said Jenny.  I will tell you when the right time comes."  Years passed.  Alfred and Jenny grew old.  One day Jenny became very sick.  The doctor told her she was dying.  Jenny called Alfred to her side.  "Alfred," she said, "now I can tell you about the green ribbon. Untie it, and you will see why I could not tell you before." Slowly and carefully, Alfred untied the ribbon, and Jenny's head fell off."


& i took off the ribbon & tied it around her flowers.  it was a one-two punch!  first, the laughing, then the crying!



also during the ceremony, there was a poem about a spider & jenny's mother quoted hedwig & the angry inch.



i mentioned the dark & terrible secret of my wardrobe & you can see it here: my vest was by juicy couture!



then i said my vows:

"I always wanted to be in love.  I didn’t expect to be—my philosophy ranges from solipsism at best to nihilism at worst, but is more often in a middle world, populated by terrible angels, & confusion, & shadows.


You found me in the labyrinth.  You fixed me when I was broken—in fact, you broke me into a million pieces, put me back together again, & I was the better for it.  You demanded a place in my mythology, & my personal pantheon demanded you be in it as well.  You are greater than the sum of your parts, & the  sum of your parts is priceless.  You are my conscience.  I need you & I love you.


When I wake up, I wake up next to you.  & that is what getting married is.  Waking up.  Next to you.  You don’t complete a missing piece of me; you are a new part of something else.  Of us.  You & me is the start of we.  & that will be an awfully big adventure."



& then she said her vows:

"Before I even met you, I thought I knew who you were and what to expect. But like most people, I underestimated you. Because while it’s true that you’re an evil genius and a huge geek, you’re also secretly fun and sweet and thoughtful. And now we’ve both transformed so that you’re the only person I can imagine standing up here with, the only person I’d want to watch television with, and the only person who would tuck me into bed every night.


Face, I love you for loving me even when I’m being a fussy brat, but I love you even more for the times when you can tell I’m being a bigger person than comes naturally to me. I love the way you look at me when you get home from work, and the way you give me the time I need to myself before wanting my attention.


I love you for fighting for us, and never giving up on this. I love you for fighting for me and protecting me when the world has gotten to scary.


You accept me, but you push me.  And I will solemnly swear, make blood oaths and promise to keep doing the same for you.


Because together we’re unstoppable, and I think this is gonna be awesome."



then we exchanged rings.



then we were presented as husband & wife (no one liked my idea of "wife & were")



& then we kissed.


- Jenny



Wednesday, June 4th, 1:29 pm.


Wow, that is a daunting amount of photos.  I'll try to write up something, for here & for Offbeat Bride.  Once I find the time to wade through here.




Tuesday, June 3, 8:31 pm.

Oh man, today was certainly a day.  The Social Security Office was a nightmare: we're lucky enough to live in one of a very small handful of cities where you drop off your application for a new card in person.  I guess I shouldn't complain too much, doing it in person meant I didn't have to surrender any of my documents, which I then used to get a new state ID card and change my bank account info.  But really, it took like 4 hours.  And then we had lunch at BW3's at the mall, at that was actually pretty fun.  And then the DMV was not as bad as last time we went, though everyone wanted to congratulate me on marrying someone with virtually the same last name as me.  And they were only minorly disappointed in me for carrying around an incorrect ID for the last 4 years.  The bank, which was fine.  And then flickr!  Which has been the biggest annoyance of the day.  But anyways, nearly every single photo that Matt took that wasn't busted is up at flickr.  You all look gorgeous!  Me too.  (though if you care about chronology, you're better off looking through my photostream because the middle (vows and such) is at the end of the set until I can fix it.)


Thank you's are ready to go out, though we still have two unattributed gifts.  A skillet and the candle and picture frames in the mysterious Bliss bag.


And just because I can, I'm going to foist upon you a picture of us "sealing it with a kiss:"





Monday, June 2, 7:23 pm.

Heading off to Matt's apt to pick up digital copies of all our photos and to have him fix up some of our favorites.  My plan is not to have prints made, but to use Blurb's BookSmart software to print up a book of his photos, the text of the ceremony, and my favorites of all y'all's photos.  


Tomorrow will be a big day of explaining myself and my 3 names to the government, hopefully neatly consolidating them into one neat "Knode" package.



Sunday, June 1, 2:58 pm.


Two things I like:








 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 28, 12:13pm under the title "dinner bell!"



after the ceremony, we hid for a little bit? i guess that is what you do. the songs that played while we were in our foxhole was "origin of love" from hedwig & the angry inch & also alan cumming singing "marriage" from cabaret. we crept back out for dinner! dinner was a surprise to us, in a real way, since the kitchen had been in upheaval recently. so it was pretty good though! which was pretty cool.



the first course was the salad, & the salad was the course most remarked upon. it was...hell, i don't know? mint? or cilantro? or both? with eggs? & asparagus? it was a whole thing! i liked it. then there was a pasta with some...things in it. that was also good. then there was the entree, which in my case was fish. the fish was okay? but it was just fish-- none of anything else. like, the dish from the first chef had some polentta or whatever that i missed. but! there were these cooked pea pods! those were also very tasty. for desert, the club had a pretty delicious ice cream sundaes, but the real winner were the petit fours that kira & her clan made. hey, i'm part of kira's clan too, but i didn't help. there were savory ones for me, though, since i hate sweets!



(Jenny says: again, didn't post all of his individual photos of all the petits fours.)


 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 28, 11:41am under the title "afterparty."



i'm jumping around a lot. sue me! after the wedding was the afterparty. phew! okay, i was sober up till the ceremony, but that went out the window as soon as we left the room. gulp, said mordicai to the champagne! then he said it to the wine, & the vodka. i wasn't anything other than a little bit tippled at the wedding, though. i kept on my game, kids! the after party, well...not so much. yeah. really, i don't know where the bend occured. i guess the last of the nails in that coffin was when we were shooed off the patio & into the bar proper. i don't think i was alone in my inebriation, & i feel bad for all the people who met us at the afterparty but hadn't been at the wedding-- we were a couple of hours of open bar & more than a few bottles of wine ahead of them. kingtycoon was in love with theresa because i gave her the lidda miniature-- reasonable, but i had to shelter her for a little bit. the rest is fuzzy, but there was a cab ride with carla, once jenny convinced her it was time to go. carla had left our overnight bag at her apartment, so we stopped by there, & then we went to the ritz! our room had rose petals all over it.




 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 28, 10:20am under the title "name change."

so the people i've most talked to about my name change so far are the delivery men, & they've been pretty blase & congratulatory about it. i don't know-- i read some of those men-changing-their-last-name things online, & guys were all "yeah, i get a hard time about it..." but that hasn't been my experience at all. i don't even really get a "oh that is...interesting..." from anybody. i'm sure new york being cosmopolitan has a lot to do with that, but i also wonder about how ethnicity & immigration factor in. i'm just musing as i had a moment with the ups guy, who is sometimes a jerk, but was pretty genuinely nice just then.



 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 27, 1:39pm under the title "miniatures."



jenny came up with the idea, & if you ask me, it was solid gold. alchemy! she wanted everyone to have a little dungeons & dragons miniature as part of their place setting. see how our marriage is representative of us both? i should also point out that the other themes were of course, cranes, scarabs, & peacock feathers. mike & i picked out the minis from his collection of doubles, suiting them to the appropriate guest. the short guests got halflings & gnomes, that was the first thing i decided. i gave theresa lidda, which enflamed kingtycoon's passions. my friends were the only ones to get non-humanoids-- katja & olive got some messed up demons, for instance. in addition, everyone got an "enemy" & an "ally" & they actually did mingle a little based on that. success!



jenny was a giantess. to be honest, i always had a crush on the picture of the green giant in whatever monster manual she's in, with the deer she hunted slung like a coney. i thought it was a really subtle way of establishing scale, & i was happy to have this be her. also, zentraedi are sometimes green. i'm just saying.



i was the nightstalker. because i'm a shapeless black monster inside



here is jenny gluing the minis to the name cards.



danielle posed her strahd zombie with some of jenny's cranes.


(Jenny says: he posted a lot more photos, a lot.  It takes too much work to deal with html here so I give up after this handful.)



 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 27, 12:47pm under the title "wedding drama!"



actually, the only real drama was that jenny's zipper busted open. see! see! from day one, i refused to help her put her dress on. it was a little bit hard, & she was like "just tug it!" & i said i would not, on account of that if i did, i'd probably tear it right out. well, for the record, i didn't tear it out, somebody else did. it wasn't that big of a deal in the end; the call was a little bit close, but she was sewn in & was ready to hit the floor just as the cocktail hour started. i was pretty sober through the ceremony- i had a glass of champagne, but drank it over the course of an hour.



 Originally posted by Mordicai on May 27, 10:33am under the title "the meeting!"



starting to talk about the wedding is a bit of daunting task, so i might go about it in a disjointed & bite-sized manner. for instance, now i'm going to post some pictures of THE MEETING. the venue for the wedding was the montauk club, which is a gorgeous royal tenenbaums looking building covereing in grotesques & bas relief, & hardwoods. very nice joint. the room that was originally used as a stageing area for jenny getting sewn into her dress (seriously: zipper break, catastrophe, but averted by the herculean efforts of kira's mother) was a nice little board room, & danielle got it into her head to have a MEETING. it went like this: "guys! guys! meeeeeting! les' have a meeeeting!" & so we did. we shouted about numbers & strategies & rubicons for a while. it was pretty great. the clip below is just the tail end of it, with me returning to the festivities.







 Thursday, May 29, 4:27 pm.

Working really hard on getting all my name change/health insurance stuff done as quickly as possible.  It's a lot of work!  I think next Tuesday I'm going to handle my social security and state ID. 


The pearls thought to be lost with the runner have been found, so that's good news.


And photos!  The only fun part of the wedding left.  (Oh, except gifts still on their way, yesterday I got two!)  Danielle tweaked her settings (make sure your flickr photos are publicly searchable) to make her photos show up.  And we've discovered that if you are making a brand new account, it takes 48 hours for your photos to show up in public searches.  I got contact sheets from Matt yesterday of the 500 best photos he took, and I narrowed it down to my favorite 100 and some of those will get tweaked to make them extra beautiful, and before too long I'll probably put the lot of 'em on flickr. 


I'm also either going to copy and paste what Mordicai has posted on his personal journal or make him do it, I think he's doing a good job of breaking everything that happened into digestable bits.  Also, I'd be totally thrilled to have your own personal recollections.  Leigh had suggested I ask everyone their horror stories: how hard it was to get here/find a place to stay/find your way home after we got you too drunk. 


And because again, my gratitude continues to overflow for how awesome you all are, I am ready to start printing and writing and sending Thank You cards. 


I'll end this on an indelicate note by saying that all gift checks were deposited yesterday and so if something doesn't clear or I never thank you, it means we didn't get it and you should contact your bank!




Tuesday, May 25, 11:46 am.

For those who asked, I'm going to put up a transcript of the ceremony


And has anyone seen the bag with the runner?  Did anyone see the runner after it was taken off the table?




Monday, May 26, 6:44 pm.

A huge huge thanks to everyone who made last night and the whole weekend awesome.  It was amazing and exactly what I wanted and it couldn't have happened without all of you guys.  If you have photos and put them on flickr, tag them "m and jenny wedding".  (Danielle's aren't working for some reason but they can be found here.)


Either way, will you email me/burn me a cd with full-size copies of what you took this weekend?





Sunday, May 25th, 3:17 pm.

Oh crap, I'm about to get married!  I have another half hour to kill before my hair appointment, but I think I'm pretty much done and so we've just been killing time and getting sleepy.  Seriously, so sleepy.  Everything has been awesome so far, but I'm starting to get nervous, I have to perform!  I have to put makeup on with a steady hand.  I have to stand up in front of a bunch of near strangers and talk about my love!  It's enough to make a girl throw up on her party dress.  I will not allow there to be any stress in my day.  Except that I feel stressed even without anything wrong.


- Jenny


Tuesday, May 20th, 2:41 pm.


I don't know how good I'll be at this twitter thing, but mordicai will take you to me...




Saturday, May 17, 1:40 pm.

I have an ambitious plan for us all.  I think everyone who isn't already should sign up for twitter and we should all friend one another and tweet each other constantly over the course of the next week/whenever you get into town.  This only really works in this instance for people who like to send/receive texts and have a phone plan that can handle it.  Interested in knowing where I am/what I'm doing at any moment?  Sign up and start following me!  I'm levinine.  You can also get updates a thousand other ways, but I want people to know that I'm at home and receiving guests and to drop in.  This is the way I imagine it going.  For more information, check out the wikipedia article on it.




 Thursday, May 15, 4:25 pm.

I'm always confused by the IPs that visit here.  California, Ohio, New York, New Jersey.  Those make tons of sense.  But Australia? London?  Lebanon!?  Do I have shady friends with shady ISPs?  Or fans all over the world?  Delaware? 


Just one more day of work and then I am on full-time wedding survival and planning mode.  This weekend I want to buy my makeup (Meryl, call me!) and clean the apartment.  And make the placecards.  And have dinner with Carla.  And go to the gym constantly to both finish writing and memorizing my vows, but mostly to get my energy level up.  I am drained!  My parents get into town Tuesday night!  I can't believe it's really time. 


One thing I've learned is that I shouldn't have started taking such good care of my skin as early as I did, I'm already getting bored and not being as strict in my regimen as I could be. 




Thursday, May 15th, 1:48 pm.


Wait, a manifesto?  Can we do that?  Maybe I'll use the word manifesto in my toast.speech.vows?  Maybe I will.


Hey, free iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts today!




Wednesday, May 14, 9:02 pm.


Come to the wedding and then follow us here.  Or don't come to the wedding and meet us here.




 Tuesday, May 13, 2:58 pm.


Proof of legal viability and haircut.


The marriage license has been procured, we are legal to do this thing, now my Mom just has to do her part with the City Clerk once she gets here.  We had an easy enough time of it and I expect she will also.  I'm really excited about the ceremony, definitely more than I expected to be.  I think what we've come up with will be very us, still very appropriate, but you know, a little weird.  As TMI as I've been about every other aspect of the wedding, I'm going to be a little more reserved about the details of the ceremony.  One thing I do want to explain, so that people expect it, is that instead of carry in a bouquet with me, we'll have single flowers available for people to hand to me as I walk in, "down the aisle."  There will 29 (or 31) guests and I'm not sure exactly how many flowers I want to hold or how long this whole thing will take, but maybe 15-20 flowers?  We'll buy some, but I also think it would be cool if people brought their own.  Aesthetics be damned, bring what you like.  I get that that's a tough thing to ask, since no one really sells single flowers.  But if anyone feels inclined, and would be that upset if they got left out, do it!  Write your name on a piece of paper and wrap it high around the stem, wish us well on the other side.  Bam! 


Also, I guess I'm the only person in the world who thinks that writing your own vows means you don't have to actually make vows and swear promises and take oaths.  I feel like it's better to say what I feel and why I'm getting married.  I promise?  I don't promise anything.  I don't promise not to be grumpy or irrational or to always be there, I might have something else to do that night!  Now I feel like I'm the one who has to start over!  "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey.  You'll never know dear, how much I love you.  Please don't take my sunshine away." 


Or maybe we should just co-write a manifesto.




Tuesday, May 13, 9:13 am.


Last Thursday we went over to Matt's apartment (the friend we've contracted with to photograph the wedding) and talked about photos and took some photos.  It was very late at night/early in the morning, but eventually he was able to get me to pretend to laugh convincingly. 

(the whole set can be found at flickr)


I have a much bigger update to put up later today, but right now I just have a few minutes while I wait for Mordicai to finish getting ready.  We're about to go get our license! 


But continuing on the theme of photography, I want to make sure that everyone who comes to every wedding related event brings their camera.  And then immediately after returning home, burns me a cd with full quality versions of all their pictures.  But don't bring a video camera.  I hate video.  I hate when people videotape weddings.  Also, please don't feel a need to take pictures during the ceremony, that's why we're paying someone to be there. 





Monday, May 5th, 2:23 pm.


Not just any pans, one of those super nice non-stick ones.  As the majority dishwasher, I like it, & as the cooker, she likes it!  COUPLE POWERS ACTIVATE!




Monday, May 5, 12:19 pm.

Another wedding gift needs to be claimed.  A pan from Amazon reportedly came to Mordicai with no mention of who it's from.  Let us know.




Sunday, May 4, 6:28 pm.

Oh crap, guys.  It's getting down to the wire.  I want more time!  I want no more anxiety dreams (pretending to die a horrific death is not a good way to get a laugh out of me on the day of the wedding, heads up).  And I want everything about everything figured out.  But don't get me wrong, I'm also really excited, and really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Right now I'm working on figuring out the music exactly.  It's pretty much all love songs, with the more up-tempo stuff playing during the first hour, probably some instrumental stuff during the ceremony (right now I'm thinking of relying on former college roommate Kaki King for that, which is funny because in college she used to make money playing at weddings.  So it's really too bad she's famous these days and we haven't been in contact in a couple years), quieter stuff during dinner, and letting selections from 69 Love Songs close out the night. 


Unrelated, we saw Iron Man this morning and it was fantastic. 




Thursday, May 1, 5:28 pm.

From the blog Eater:


We hear, via the tipline, that the chef and a number of the kitchen staff have left the kitchen at Brooklyn's 119 year-old private Montauk Club: "Word has it that Executive Chef Alex Sorenson and GM Joel Tompkins have left the Montauk Club, in Park Slope, along with their kitchen staff, under contentious circumstances." A call to the club confirms that Sorenson is not working today and someone new is in the kitchen, but neither managers nor members of the kitchen staff were available for comment.


Seriously?  Ugh.


*Now they're reporting about a new chef:


The news about the chef change at Park Slope's Montauk Club are now verified via a letter sent out from the private club to its members: "Last evening Aaron Herman, the club's manager, engaged the services of a new chef, Alexis Tanen. Alexis comes to us highly recommended. She recently worked at Prune, a highly regarded restaurant in Manhattan and will begin with us next week."





 Wednesday, April 30, 4:43 pm.

Oh my gosh you guys, the restaurant manager/chef at the Montauk Club left.  Who knows why.  We were supposed to meet later this week to pin down details.  Now, who knows.  I hope they have someone lined up, because I'm freaking out!  I was really excited about the food before and now I'm scared.  Ack!




Tuesday, April 29, 12:04 pm.

When James got home from work yesterday, he had this present for me:


We kept making stupid jokes about how well he knows me to have guessed that I would like this.  Which I do.




Monday, April 28, 12:45 pm.

RSVPs continue to come in, both by email and paper and many times both ways.  Make sure you indicate who wants which entree, a few people have missed that step.  Oh, and another RSVP note, the vegetarian option is there for vegetarians and is not a real option.  You won't be battered about the head if you pick it and aren't on a restricted diet of some kind, but you'll be missing out.  So I officially discourage it.  Hopefully this week we'll be meeting with the chef to discuss specifics and if you're on the fence or specatacularly picky*, you can wait until you've heard more details to make up your mind, or even change your mind. 


*Said with the condescension of the converted.  But I promise not to let them feed you the shaved beef tendon they gave us during our tasting.



Wednesday, April 23, 11:03 am.

Unless it was meant to be an anonymous gift, can whoever sent the lamps let me know?  You didn't write your name!  M thought that maybe MOMA was super excited about him for some reason.  Because seriously, I'm super excited about these lamps and I'd like to be able to say thanks.  Sometime in the next year, I have a year right?


And I'd like to add that I'm an idiot and somehow typed my work zipcode wrong on the registry.  It's been fixed now, but if anyone out there still thinks it's 10003, it's not.  It's 10002.


*MYSTERY SOLVED* (so don't even think about claiming credit for yourself!)


60 watt cfls will burn your retinas.  We need something dimmer.  But otherwise, I'm thrilled.




Tuesday, April 22nd, 11:00 am.

I'm not entirely clear on how "secret" I am supposed to be about things.  It is weird!  Anyhow I was working on some wedding stuff last night, & the hard part is past.  Not that it was hard.  I just want to claim credit for participation!  Also I had a couple of birthday celebrations this week & Jenny was scrumptious. 






Friday, April 18th, 10:32 am.


Turned 29. Getting married.  So what?  I still spent a nice chunk of last night watching cartoons.  To be fair, it was the part of Robotech where Max & Miriya get married.  Kind of a dork, this guy right here!




Friday, April 18, 8:37 am.

1000 cranes for a wish were finished by me plus 1 for good luck by James.  Done, done, done. 


And invitations started being delivered yesterday, so that's exciting, too.

- Jenny


Wednesday, April 16, 12:55 pm.

Invitations are being assembled as we speak.  Phew.  Seriously guys, phew.


(it's fuzzy and its colors are off because it's just a screen capture)


- Jenny


 Tuesday, April 15, 1:49 pm.

My purse arrived, the drawing for the invitations is drawn, their paper and stamps are bought, a shirt for James arrived (let's see if it fits).  Generally things are moving, I am very stressed, I hate planning things, it's not fun.  I realized about myself that I am good at two different things, being in charge and having ideas and making other people to the work or someone else having the ideas and me doing all the work.  I am not enjoying having the ideas AND doing the work.  This isn't to discount the incredible amount of help I've had with phone calls and planning and all that, but the buck still stops with me and I have to be on top of it all.  This is not my favorite.


- Jenny


 Tuesday, April 8, 2:01 pm.


Check out the clutch I had someone on Etsy make me:



I love it.  And working with the woman who made it was a joy.  (Apparently it's a "liberty fabric?" Named after the store who would have sold it?  I don't know anything about England.)  I also ordered some green velvet fabric samples.  And we now have a spreadsheet with everyone's address on it.  Things are moving!  Also, I got a postcard in the mail yesterday suggesting botox for me and my wedding party! 10% off if there are any takers.


- Jenny


 Sunday, April 6, 8:28 pm.

I'm telling you, stuff is happening.  Due to popular demand, the bachelorette party has been moved to Friday, May 23rd.  So, if you're in town that early or like me enough to be reading this, you can be invited.  It's like a bad movie in the making, right?  You're supposed to have these things months in advance so the happy couple has time to get over being mad at each other for whatever happens.  But since we both sincerely do not want strippers involved, I'm not that worried.  And Saturday night I want to have a picnic/BBQ in Prospect Park.Technically there's no drinking allowed, but since I don't want to drink that night anyways, that's fine by me.  You all can sneak your own beers in.  Is it weird that I wish there was some way to include a screening of the "How I Met Your Mother" wedding episodes?


- Jenny



Sunday, April 6, 7:25 pm.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but Urban Outfitters is more on trend than some "fancy" or "large" or whatever retailers and is willing to sell us vests without a jacket.  Shopping for men's clothes sucks, mostly because I've done it so rarely and generally men's fashion is so unexciting.  But midtown Manhattan on a Saturday with beautiful weather is even worse.  I can begin to forgive the tourists who rammed themselves into me, because they're not used to sidewalks being places where people actually walk, but when we were in a store and one of their employees threw himself into me without an apology, I was not having it.  This attitude?  Was basically how all of yesterday went.  We bought a bunch of greenish blue ties for James and the one I like the best is of course the most expensive, but turned out to be more than 50 percent off after all of Macy's weird discounting.  And the very nice black french-cuffed shirt we bought is drastically the wrong size so I'm hoping I can exchange it, but there were only 1 or 2 others of the same kind.  After we retreated (somewhat defeated) back to Brooklyn, we bought fancy hot dogs from the nicest lady who probably doesn't have a head for business but is so genuine that she'll do fine.


- Jenny



Sunday, March 30, 7:48 pm.

So, updates updates updates.  We're for sure about the Montauk Club and have mailed in the deposit.  Invitations will follow shortly.  My Mom ordained herself this afternoon, and has been instructed not to talk about god during the ceremony.  And (probably) as of tomorrow, we won't be married yet but James will be a Knode.  Yep, that's right.  He's taking my name but we're dropping the "a."  He's also changing his first name to Mordicai.  He could probably just wait on the last name thing, since you can change your name when you get married just by writing down whatever you want it to be, but I guess we both decided it would be easier since I'll be consolidating the fact that I am both a Kanode and a Kkanode (to certain city departments, thanks a lot DMV).  It was really distracting last weekend hanging out with Carla and Robert when Robert was referring to "James" as "Knode."  I kept thinking he was talking about me, but I'd turn around and he wouldn't be!  So, that's all stuff that's been happening. 


p.s. If you know you're gonna come but still aren't sure where to stay, I've been updating the hotels page as I've found more places.  If you're not sure where something is, if it's safe or near transportation, feel free to ask. 





Tuesday, March 18, 2:37 pm.

Yesterday and today I've begun receiving the things I ordered from Etsy.  I've figured out what I want to do with the green velvet to make a choker, and even tried it on with the dress, and I think it totally works.  I bought a pair of earrings that I actually didn't like with the dress, but do like with my second dress.  And then some fairly large scarab beads (with flat back) that I can attach to bobby pins for my hair.  For me, this works because besides liking scarabs, Victorians liked ancient Egypt, and we are being awfully "New Victorian" about all this.  Now I'm gonna pick up the house, but figuring that outfit stuff out takes a load off.  And even though so much of my hair got chopped off last week, if I do want to put it "up" I easily can.


March 16, 2008





Sunday, March 16th, 11:00 am.

We're hammering out all the details with the Montauk Club, the food prices are good, but the liquor costs are just too high for us right now.  I want to make sure there is plenty of it, obviously, but mostly I want to make sure no one tips the bartender!  Have I talked about that before?  How it makes me crazy when wedding bartenders put out tip jars?  The person paying for the wedding is already going to tip them, so they're just being dicks and taking advantage.  Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to get ordained, let one us know, we won't even make you speak, you can just sign the forms.  I bought some jewelry and other stuff from etsy this week, since thinking about that sort of the thing is where we're at right now.





Tuesday, March 11th, 10:32 pm.

So it looks like the Monatauk club is go!  & it turns out that I like shaved beef tendon.  I sent out some preliminary "you are going to be invited" emails, since the Save The Date thing was compromised by floating location.  In other news, I will probably be wearing a "dusty blue" tie?




Tuesday, February 26, 3:20 pm.

Kira is trying to set up dinner at the Montauk Club on Friday evening.  Last week I saw "Definitely, Maybe" with Meryl and they shot a scene at the Montauk Club.  I thought so from the start of the scene as they were walking up the stairs, but knew it had be true once I saw the stained glass windows.  How happy will everyone be once all this is pinned down? 


In other news, I'm almost done with the cranes.  I've got 60+25-3=82 left to do!





Friday, February 15, 8:48 pm.


A blurry fingered photo of my wedding band:



We've also ordered James'.





Sunday, February 10, 8:03 pm.




Saw a post on Brooklyn Bride about the jewelers, Teno.  I think this ring is perfect!




Sunday, February 10th, 12:44 pm.

M: So, would you guys consider joining the Montauk Club if we did?

KL: I already filed online.

J: Hahah, I guess we're getting married at the Montauk Club!




Saturday, February 9, 10:08 am.

Last night Kira and went to check out The Montauk Club as a site for the wedding.  



It's a building at the northeast corner of Park Slope that you can't help but love.


From the Brooklyn Record:


If you've passed by the Montauk Club, you've probably noticed it. Its Venetian gothic architecture would stick out almost anywhere (outside of, well, Venice), but it really stands out on an avenue lined with repetitively beautiful brownstones. Francis H. Kimball, the architect behind this gussied-up Miss Havisham of a building, apparently thought that replicating the Ca' D'oro — a palace on the Grand Canal — complete with carved terracotta friezes and stained-glass windows would prove to the world that Brooklyn had just as much money to blow as Manhattan... When the building was completed in 1889, the gentlemen of the Montauk Club installed themselves inside her mahoganied belly. As a private social club, they enjoyed meals and drinks, made use of the basement bowling alley (regrettably, now leased out as a real estate office) and of the spectacular views of Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park beyond. Eventually, someone had the bright idea to let women in, and by the 1950s and 60s, the Montauk Club was very much a family-oriented place where people went for Sunday dinners and wedding receptions.


Those days are over, and the Club has fallen into a certain state. Not a state of disrepair, but a state that can only be described as a Wes Anderson movie set. Charmingly dated, and still holding on to a respectful formality, the Montauk looks and feels a few decades off. Stately paintings and photographs, worn couches and armchairs, a silent red billiard table: the Montauk Club is a throw-back to a different era.



There are pros and cons, and tonight Kira and Nino and James and I are going out to eat at another option that couldn't be more different.  But I kind of want to do it here just for the pictures!





Saturday, January 5th, 12:58 pm.

We've been talking about going camping instead of having "Bachelor(ette)" parties.  Seems smart to me.




Thursday, November 15, 1:31 pm.

Here are the pink bins and blue glasses I ordered a few weeks ago:



And here's what I spent yesterday doing:


These are 420 out of 588 cranes, strung up.


And here is a closeup:



I've found that if I try to be economical about it, I can make one crane in 3 minutes (if I don't make perfect, sharply creased folds).  Otherwise it takes about 5 minutes.  It was slow work stringing them up, because I would settle on a color scheme but then need to fold more cranes to fill out the pattern.  Most of them have 60 cranes each, but the size of the cranes vary depending on the size of the paper they were made from.


More at flickr.






Wednesday, HALLOWEEN! October 31, 1:46 pm.


Jenny, what do you think about going like this:





Thursday, October 25, 10:52 am.

Jenny added me to the "Wedding Thread" on gmail, & holy moley does it go by fast!  I want crowns!





Wednesday, October 24, 1:52 pm.

The thing James took as inspiration from the pictures I posted yesterday of someone else's wedding was the cobalt blue glass they used, so today I found a wholesaler who sells bottles in quantities smaller than 100,000 (it was actually not that easy) and I bought a dozen 16oz bottles that I figure we can place one or two flowers into to decorate the tables.  James has always loved and collected blue glass, so I was more than happy to go along with this desire of his.  I also bought some hot pink, small metal bins that were on clearance at Target.  I figure they could be filled with flowers, trough style, or I could dump a bunch of miniature cranes in, or "programs" or other printed material.  Or even what we'll be using as favors/place cards.  It's also fun that as I descend further into Baz Luhrmann/Red Curtain Trilogy madness, David kept sending me text messages last night about how much he was enjoying the copy of Strictly Ballroom that I lent him (that was a gift from Ryan.) 


Carla expressed some worry that these colors might end up looking to Valentines, and I can see how that might be a worry.  But I think being careful to keep most pinks hot, and the addition of blue and turquoise (10" paper lanterns in red, fuchsia, pink and turquoise are about $3 each at Pearl River Mart) will help with that.  I also found a place that sells table linens pretty cheap and so what I'm thinking for that is to get red tablecloths and then when I'm in Arizona early next year, to try to find a hot pink fabric to sew into a tablerunner.






Tuesday, October 23, 6:13 pm.

Maybe it wasn't made explicit, but the plan has been all along to get married in front of our guests.  I want someone I know to do it, and my Mom drove home this plan's necessity when she mentioned that anyone who marries us will be stuck on the boat with us.  So it should probably be someone who's already coming.  We're talking to a friend of James' about being our photographer, if that doesn't work I might just put an ad up on craigslist to see if someone is willing to do it super cheap.


Also, we're not going to have a DJ, but there is sound equipment, and I'd planned all along on just plugging in an iPod.  So I'm working on thinking of fun dance music, with an emphasis on love and New York themed music, but not just.  If you have any suggestions, send them to me!!  And what about slow songs?  Are they good for people who might otherwise be nervous to dance, to refill their drinks, or are they stupid?  Does the fact that we're not doing +1s mean that it will give our single friends a chance to hook up?  Except that David might be the only single guy there, which I guess is lucky for him. I just looked, there will actually be more single guys invited, so that means that Jodi and Meryl and Alyssa can have their pick (unless they get serious boyfriends in the meantime). 





Tuesday, October 23, 11:37 pm.

So here are some of the pictures I took, if you want to see all seven of them (also, full size) you can check out my flickr page.  


This is the bottom level and dining area.  They've got way more tables in there than we'd need, but I want to push them together to make one big, long table in the center.


This is the upper level, where we would have the ceremony and later dancing. 


Yesterday, I found pictures from a wedding that is kind of what I intend to go for:







Monday, October 22, 8:55 pm.

I can't imagine anyone reading this knows what Order of the Stick is but I drew Jenny & me in that style:






Monday, October 22, 12:03 pm.

On Saturday, Carla and I went to go see the yacht that she found for cheap.  As soon as I can get my flash drive from my office, I'll update with a few pictures.  It'll be a lot more work, as it requires more decorating than a restaurant would (and if anyone knows of a good place to rent some linens, let me know) but that also means more personalization.  So far what we've brainstormed is a way to incorporate all my cranes (I think I've got about 600 or so right now) and then beyond that, right now I think what I like is a Romeo + Juliet/Rose of India theme.  Using hot pink linens and red roses in the dining area, and sort of busy over-head decorations up top where we would have the ceremony and dancing later.  As bizarre as that might sound, I think the boat calls for anything but subtlety and I've also been kind of obsessed with hot pink lately.  so.





Monday, October 15, 10:52 pm.

Jenny is insisting that I update right this very moment to record how very pretty she is.




Friday, October 5, 4:18 pm.

I told Meryl about a Betsey Johnson warehouse sale that was happening today, and of course she went and found my dress, in my size, for many hundreds of dollars less than I paid for it.  But I'm going to choose to believe that none of those are in as good condition as mine is.  And since my going to this sale was impossible and I wouldn't have paid any attention to it if I hadn't already bought a dress from her, I can't really be upset about it.


Nothing much else is going on, looking for items to put on our registry it's become clear how obsessed with chartreuse I am these days.  I would have to say that after red fadded from being my number one favorite color, green took its place.  But it's funny how I've been gravitating to the brightest boldest greens I can find.


Like this lamp:


I love it.


Or this headboard:


I love it, too.  But as James sensibly pointed out, green is good for sheets that aren't supposed to last a long time, past when you're tired of a bright color.





Wednesday, September 26, 5:34 pm.


I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy, home of the handmade.  There's tons of great stuff and I want to keep an eye out for stuff to put on our registry.  But I've also been looking at rings and the one that James mentioned is one that I found there.  It's a thin titanium band with a black diamond held between a gap in the metal (tension-set).  I also found a woman who folds origami cranes out of silver and makes jewelry out of them (I'm interested in maybe two hair pins):



According to her website: cranes recur in "Japanese weddings, wedding kimonos and Japanese wedding decorations ... cranes mate for life and are devoted to their partners in all seasons. Both males and females work together to build their nest and care for their young."  So how fitting is that? 


Also how cool are black diamonds?  Did they really come from outerspace? I say yes.  But also, more recently, Brazil and Central Africa.  If the diamond is teeny tiny how worried do I have to be and how much info will the jewelers (husband and wife team) have about it?




Tuesday, September 25 4:35 pm.


Jenny maybe has an idea for a ring?  That matches the one I want.  I'm excited about that!





 Monday, September 24, 4:05pm.

My nailpolish arrived today and I'm pretty excited about it, I'm also beginning to work on a registry.  I figure the sooner I start, the more likely I am to remember to put stuff that we like/need.




Friday, September 21, 1:35 pm.

Everything is coming along, slowly but smoothly.  I guess I found a pair of shoes I like, and I accidentally made an amazon.com commission from them.  So, woohoo for that four dollars.  I also ordered a bottle of "For Audrey" nail polish, that is Tiffany box blue.  I think it might actually match my dress okayish and it's looked really pretty in the pictures of it that I've seen.  Apparently it's all the rage at London's fashion week, so hopefully it'll still be cool by next summer. 






Tuesday, September 11, 3:07 pm.

Carla pulls through just as I was losing faith in this whole enterprise.  (Not the marriage, just the wedding part).  I'm not good at planning, I'm not good at stress, and I've already lost one good friend in the process.  But, the newest iteration of this wedding seems really fun and hopefully I'll have more details on that soon.





Tuesday, September 11 11:32am.


I don't care if it doesn't match her dress, I still think Jenny should wear a green ribbon around her neck





Wednesday, September 5 11:39 am.

Comics plus Wedding Planning?  At last! 



(PS?  Black Canary wants to get married at the Dragonfly Inn.  So do I!)




Saturday, August 25, 2007. 6:49 pm.


My shoes finally came, and they're cute but they're a bit too big and a bit too "much."  So I've ordered another pair that will show up on Monday.  I guess I like getting all of this stuff done, because I actually have a sense of control over it.  As opposed to some of the rest of it (location?) that is up to the whims of the people running these restaurants I like.





Friday, August 24, 2007. 12:59 pm.



I love someecards.






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Anonymous said

at 2:04 pm on May 11, 2007

"I guess I won't get the chance to look whorish at my wedding."

I wouldn't give up hope just yet.

Anonymous said

at 2:25 pm on May 11, 2007

i like the flat, though, better than other. you could get one like that for yourself maybe?

Anonymous said

at 2:35 pm on May 11, 2007

Yes, thank you. But I told you not to get your heart set on this, and I'm pretty sure you have.

Anonymous said

at 2:44 pm on May 11, 2007

I'm flexible, baby! You just have to flex with me.

Anonymous said

at 2:50 pm on May 11, 2007

I kind of liked the flat one after checking out the website. I know, I don't get a vote.

Anonymous said

at 2:56 pm on May 11, 2007

Don't worry about losing the chance to look whorish--remember my sister and I are going to take you shopping in July. What I have forgotten about slutty dressing, Barb remembers!

Anonymous said

at 3:01 pm on May 11, 2007

re: Shirley's comments on the ring: I think it has just enough variance from the norm to be unique, while not being an "out-there" choice.

Anonymous said

at 4:45 pm on May 11, 2007

I know, but one of my priorities is that our rings match or at least look the same. For me to match you, I'd get stuck with a plain band. And then I don't get to be unique. What's the store on 7th that sells wedding rings in the back room? It's one of the expensive boutique stores. I'd like to go in there with you.

Anonymous said

at 5:17 pm on May 11, 2007

there are all kinds of other options than just that webpage, too, you know. anyhow, i think the place you mean is...i can't remember but i know where you mean.

Anonymous said

at 5:26 pm on May 11, 2007

I know, but if you get a plain, black band, the only option that really leaves me with is a plain, metallic band. Unless we can find something that was plain with some kind of black accent. I just want to be really careful to pick something I won't hate in a few, or forty, years.

Anonymous said

at 6:16 pm on May 11, 2007

i get that; i also obviously want to have something i'm excited to want, excited to wear. plain with a black accent is what i need to keep my eyes open for, for you?

Anonymous said

at 12:31 pm on May 17, 2007

Um, I just wanted to say that tungsten rings are the hot shit.

Anonymous said

at 12:55 pm on May 17, 2007

Thanks Washu! I'd also like to mention that someone I know said they would "mend their ways" for a chance to date you! In the theoretical, but thats what they said! Out of nowhere, too!

Anonymous said

at 12:51 am on May 21, 2007

Wearing the sword without looking like you're having a renfair or Highlander fanclub wedding would be tricky.

Anonymous said

at 8:22 am on May 21, 2007

well, i think that with a suit it makes that jump, right? i mean, renfair needs costumes, & there is no such thing as highlander any more!

Anonymous said

at 11:46 am on May 21, 2007

As long as you realize that that is never going to happen. Also, I don't want people wearing suits. I sort of agreed to let Nino wear one, as long as he doesn't wear a tie or socks. But I really don't want you to wear one.

Anonymous said

at 3:22 pm on May 21, 2007

I'm not allowed to wear a suit?

Anonymous said

at 3:22 pm on May 21, 2007

But I was looking forward to it!

Anonymous said

at 3:51 pm on May 21, 2007

It's so formal! I want informal! I think it's called, "smart casual." A suit is not casual.

Anonymous said

at 2:45 pm on May 22, 2007

What the heck is smart casual?

Anonymous said

at 2:57 pm on May 22, 2007

My experience is that "smart" casual means expensive-preferably natural fibers, lined, with a designer name. Jenny, is that close to what you mean?

Anonymous said

at 4:10 pm on May 22, 2007

I don't need people's outfits to be expensive, no. I just would rather people wore what they would wear out to a nice dinner, and not what they would typically wear to a wedding. No jeans, but I don't know why you think I care about people wearing designer clothes. Who wears designer clothes? Even if it's a sundress from old navy, as long as people look kind of festive. That's what I want.

Anonymous said

at 4:31 pm on May 22, 2007

Thank you for the clarification. BTW, I had my tongue in my cheek above. I was laughing to myself thinking about all of the "chic" clothing you bought second hand at Savers. I know you are not a clothes snob. Okay, so the theme is "festive." We can do festive, as long as I don't have to wear one of those mother of the bride nasty things. If given his choice, your Dad will want to wear one of his REI shirts.

Anonymous said

at 4:45 pm on May 22, 2007

I already told Dad that he was allowed to wear an REI shirt.

Anonymous said

at 4:15 pm on May 29, 2007

Remind me once we're home to change out that picture, I fixed my red-eye on it.

Anonymous said

at 4:56 pm on May 29, 2007

I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. I am sorry we could not be there, but it looks like you managed to have fun anyway. In fact, a drunk mother is not a good thing and it doesn't sound like there would have been anyone to take care of me.

Anonymous said

at 12:20 am on May 30, 2007

The Davidtini was entirely coincidental.

Anonymous said

at 12:31 am on May 30, 2007

Hm. PBwiki doesn't seem to have any archiving or page-move tool? Unless I'm retarded and missed it. I could just move the blog page to a unique "Blog archive 1" page, but the talk page, this comments section, would remain intact as is. Although I guess that's a less big deal than the mushrooming load time of the blog page itself. I don't even think it's worth archiving yet, but eventually it'll probably be a good idea.

Anonymous said

at 8:11 pm on Jul 2, 2007

Thanks for posting those websites. I enjoyed them. Somehow made me think of the late 1960's. Don't get mad, Jennifer--I am not trying to take credit for my generation doing everything cool first.

Anonymous said

at 7:05 pm on Jul 25, 2007

More pictures please of you and James at Kira and Nino's wedding. You both cleaned up well!

Anonymous said

at 3:34 pm on Jul 28, 2007

I don't have that many of us, because I gave the camera to him for the day and we weren't sitting together. There's just a couple more from around the same moment.

Anonymous said

at 3:14 pm on Aug 26, 2007

I just saw the picture of you in your dress--it looks great. It even looks like a wedding dress, though I know that wasn't necessarily the look you were going for. I like it a lot more seeing it on you.

Anonymous said

at 5:12 pm on Sep 27, 2007

I bet they get all of their diamonds from one source, so they probably know plenty.

Anonymous said

at 5:57 pm on Oct 5, 2007

James advice on the issue of green is wise, particularly chartreuse. Appropriate for sheets, towels, accent pillows, or maybe even a lamp shade. This comes from someone who has lived through believing gold or green shag carpet was really cool, and black and orange were appropriate decorating colors (early 70's.)

Anonymous said

at 2:54 pm on Oct 9, 2007

Yeah- the 70s decor is really the crux of my argument- like, I can see wanting everything to be done up fun & trendy, but i can also just see that bed as the weird one in the "eclectic" guest bedroom.

Anonymous said

at 10:35 pm on Oct 22, 2007

Re: Order of the Stick drawings--You are right, I don't know what that means, but the figures are representative of you two. Very good.

Anonymous said

at 8:53 am on Oct 23, 2007

thanks- i've been going crazy drawing things in mspaint. order of the stick is a comedy stip whose jokes are based on....dnd. so like i said, i can't imagine that anyone outside of that subculture knows about it.

Anonymous said

at 12:35 pm on Oct 23, 2007

i really like your theme ideas; do you know, also, that i have a thing for blue glass?

Anonymous said

at 8:28 pm on Apr 18, 2008

I love the purse, Jenny. I just talked to Diane and she loves it, too. I am also very happy that you have gotten plans and preparations taken care of. You have done a good job, but it is time for you to relax now and enjoy your hard work and being with those who love you.

Anonymous said

at 2:22 am on Jun 12, 2008

Congratulations on the Offbeat Bride post. That was cool--especially because it was such a good idea. I agree that it worked out great and was like you and Mordicai wanted it. Like your Dad said after the wedding, he bets that is the first time the Green Ribbon story was ever part of a wedding. I was very happy that I got to be part of it.

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